Hoboken Gardens Bath Products

In the past few years, specialized bath products have become very popular. Many people want to have a spa experience in their own homes and spare the expense of visiting a spa. Have you been searching for a new bath product to enhance your daily routine? Hoboken Gardens carries a few different lines of bath products. One of our most popular is the B Witching Bath Products.

B Witching Bath Products produce several Award Winning bath and beauty products which are uniquely formulated with the finest therapeutic botanicals, wholesome ingredients, essential oils and minimal preservatives. They produce several different collections of products, some of which are only available seasonally, so there is sure to be a collection that appeals to your needs and a scent to indulge in. For the discerning chef, B Witching Bath Products produce gourmet kitchen and garden soaps which are uniquely blended to embrace the traditions of culinary herb gardens from around the world. There are also candles and fragrance mists to fill every room in your house with a unique aroma.

Lisa Farley was recently interviewed by Gift Shop Magazine for an article they featured in their Winter 2012 Magazine. Follow this link and view the article on page 88.

Hoboken Gardens also carries cupcake bath bombs from Feeling Smitten. These beautifully decorated and very real looking cupcakes are really luxurious bath bombs which when tossed into your bath water, fizzes and dissolves, leaving you relaxed and your skin soft. They come in many different scents to delight your olfactory senses while soaking in the bath. The people at Feeling Smitten hand-make all the cupcake bath bombs with the finest high quality ingredients. They create a perfectly finished, exciting, and moisturizing bath and body treat.



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