Planning for Spring!

greenhouse-interiorWe’re planning for Spring!  We began growing our annual six packs in January.  We have worked on fine tuning our tree, shrub and perennial orders from our suppliers.  Vera Bradley has a new line of colors and bag styles to go with your short sleeves and other non-winter apparel.

If you are in the mood for spring, one of the best things to do is visit a greenhouse in the waning days of late winter.  As you enter the door the warm air will hit you in the face and your nose will breath in the essence of fresh dirt and growing plants.  While you are here, why not pick up a new container for those plants that you just saw and know that you want to add to your front door steps to greet your visitors this summer.  Or maybe it is time to stop wishing and finally pick up some cute Vera Bradley accessories to bright up your ensemble.

Did you know we carry wine and napkins?  Bring some home tonight to add a little zing to your late winter dinner.

Would you like to have gorgeous containers already growing with beautiful annuals as soon as the weather allows you to have them on display?  Talk to us and we can plant your favorite colors into your favorite style of pots and have them ready for you for Memorial Day.


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