Hot Tub Products

Did you know that Flowers by Hoboken carries hot tub supplies? We do. If you have a spa or hot tub, you know that maintaining them can be time consuming.  Stop into Flowers by Hoboken and pick up some supplies today.  We have spa products to keep water clean and sanitized as well as maintenance products and cleaning supplies.


Baquacil offers a pool care system which is a complete pool sanitizing system which is chlorine-free.   The active ingredient in the Sanitizer and Algistate is polyhexamethylene biguanide.  It is so gentle that it is used in some contact lens cleaning solutions.

baquaspaBaqua Spa

Clear water and long lasting bacteria control make Baqua Spa System  a refreshing difference. It is bromine-free and chlorine-free, giving spa owners the ultimate aahh experience. The chemistry of Baqua Spa Sanitizer is more stable than bromine or chlorine, so it lasts longer and requires less testing and dosing. Baqua Spa leaves the skin soft, is gentle on bathing suites and has no harsh odors and is easy to use.

poolifePool Life



Brilliance offers a 3 step weekly system for you to experience brilliantly clear water with less odor and irritation to skin and eyes.



salt-water-magicSalt Water Products

Natural Chemistry  use powerful enzymes that reduce pool maintenance and is compatible with salt water pools.  We also have pool salt for salt water pool systems.